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Land Ahoy.

We bought land, Althea and I, and her father, Kevin, is building our house. The lot has been abandoned and basically a drinking spot for over 20 years.

We cleared the lot this past weekend with the help of some lovely family and friends. Then disaster struck! Well, not disaster… Just this…

Poison Ivy! I now sport a battle wound and am taking steroids. The itching! Good Lord, the itching! Will it ever end?

See ya!

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Fresh Start

I wasn’t sure what I was going to use this blog for when I started it. I posted one album, then let it remain dormant for quite a while.

I recently renovated my design at and thought it would be pretty swell to start back up this blog too.

Some friends of mine at work and I are starting up a band, so you’re sure to see some of that posted here really soon. I’ve also been working on solo material and here’s my most recent solo track for you to download and enjoy.

See ya!20140527-101224-36744744.jpg